Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One Eyed Richard & The Goddamn Liars

I'm not quite sure of the lineage here, in regards to how long after Honeywell this band formed or how long it was before they changed their name to Los Cincos. Long enough to put out a record, apparently.

I get sort of nostalgic for this era, as it was when I first starting going to shows. Unfortunately they did not perform at any of those shows; I would not see them until they were called Los Cincos. I have particularly fond memories of going to Jabberjaw during that time. It was pretty exciting to be 17 and driving down to see Unwound or The VSS or Sleater-Kinney or whoever. I think my favorite show there was godheadSilo, Karp, and Nuzzle. Those were the days!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, One Eyed Richard & The Goddamn Liars.

Ten Haunted House Theme-Songs (Mollycoddle)
1. Dollar Movie Syndrome
2. Sea Shell Shanty
3. Holden Caulfield
4. Supernova
5. Tu Eres Mi Novio
6. Desire And Hell At Sunset Motel
7. Pop-A-Wheelie
8. Candy Coated Kitty
9. Bubblegum Crash
10. The Groovy Ghoulie Hotel


audiopants said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and it is blowing my mind right now. Thanks a million for the Phantom Pregnancies stuff alone. I'm pretty sure I am downloading like 20 things from you right now. Thanks again!

Unknown said...

i have this record too. they played one show i set up that was ridiculous: godheadsilo, trumans water, pee, and these dudes.
i see bobby all the time now, he is in a duo called pigs in the ground