Thursday, May 1, 2008


I met Jason Baker for the second time when I was bartending and some dude walked up to me and asked if I used to work at Epicenter. He told me that I was probably better friends with his brother, Josh Baker. I instantly recognized him as the sort of quiet dude I would see around occasionally.

Jason and Nick Lesley comprised Necking in this era, and they played some great shows. I even booked them myself twice (once at the Prospect Park barbecue, and again at Tommy's Tavern with Love Of Diagrams).

Jason married a foreigner, but he moved to Sweden for her and quit the band.

Nick soldiered on, with Dong joining, then Rop, then Daniel (and don't forget Anup, who plays with them occasionally).

This is 3 years old now, how time flies!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a CDr by Necking.

We Accept Party (Self)
1. Love Life Of The Octopus
2. Bugs Humping
3. Seriously, Warchild!
4. Emergency Pants
5. Taaappa' Taaappa' Taaapa'
6. That Rick Moranis, He's So Hot Right Now.
7. Don't Kill Anything I Can't Wear.
8. Two Dudes!
9. Aaaand Knitting . . . Aaaaa'nd Knitting . . . Aaaaaaa'nd Knitting!
10. It's Just Music, It's Not, You Know Boobs.
11. Dog Eggs
12. Ribs Tacos
13. Making Out With Chicks


Anonymous said...

This Jason Baker you speak he a big dude with a beard that use to live in Alpine?

BJ Rubin said...

Jason was born and raised in San Diego (I think), I met him in Berkeley (or somewhere around there), ran into him again in Brooklyn (if memory serves), had him catsit for me whilst I was in New Zealand and he was visiting from Sweden (he referred to the litter box as the "poo zone"), and last I heard was living in Hawaii (we should all be so lucky).

He is a big dude who is occasionally bearded, but I don't know what Alpine is.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that sounds like him, I love that guy. He introduced me to a to a ton of amazing music and helped me out when I was having some serious roommate issues. We use to skate all the time in San Diego.

Alpine is the town he lived in (if we're talking about the same person)

I like your blog... you've got lots of good stuff I've never heard or have been wanting to hear. Thanks!

Checck out mine Unsavory Palindrome