Tuesday, May 13, 2008


The A side really is the hit.

The Angel Assassins played with Blackjackaction, and they were great. For some reason we did really well in Santa Rosa.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a single by Blackjackaction.

A Bullet North b/w The Exciting Conclusion Of Our Episode (Hansen Grey)
1. A Bullet North
2. The Exciting Conclusion Of Our Episode


P. Birouette said...

Since I heard this band features ex members of Lumber I thought this would be the appropriate place to request a Lumber post (that is if you have any of their records)

BJ Rubin said...

Unfortunately I do not possess any Lumber records so I cannot be of assistance! But check out The Leadfoot Broadcast, which had Patricia in it as well (although she didn't play on this actual single, she later joined Blackjackaction).

P. Birouette said...

Cool, that Leadfoot Broadcast cassette is really good! Did Blackjackaction release anything else besides the 7" posted here?

KarlwithaK said...

Patricia put their album that was never released on Last FM. She's in Reverter now in LA, Jason's in Tragic Valley in SF, Jeremy is who knows where, and Justin is in Seattle, lastly doing Cobra High, then Bats of Belfry, then something else I can't remember, along with solo stuff.

BTW, Angel Assassins were always a treat in Santa Rosa. We loved you guys. And yeah you seemed to get rough treatment from the rest of them, just sayin'....