Friday, May 2, 2008

Golden Axe

The first time I went to New Zealand we had to turn down a show as I was out of town. I suggested that we try to play it anyway, with me appearing via satellite. I tracked down a broadband connection and a computer and camera equipment (no small feat in Wellington a few years ago) but there was some failure on Brooklyn end to provide a projector or the internet. Incidentally, the people who helped us out lived in a beautiful house that apparently had priceless works of New Zealand art on the walls (I was informed of this by Chris Cudby, who had apparently studied some of them in school). The two women who hosted us that day were incredibly friendly to a bunch of friends of friends (read: strangers) and I still thank them for that!

I did manage to get a video chat going with my friend Matt Owens, however. Golden Axe had also set up, as we figured people in Brooklyn would like to see a New Zealand band appearing live via satellite as well. Matt was in his office with a handful of other people, who all gathered round his computer to watch them play a few songs for a total of seven people on two continents.

Hypercolours also featured a video on the disc which I included, for you.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, 2 CDs by New Zealand's own Golden Axe.

Hypercolours EP (Self)
1. Hypercolours
2. Stone In My Shoe
3. No Days Off
4. Social Situations
5. Neon Palm Tree
6. Micro-Dracula
7. Andrews Vs. Andrews
8. Last Advanced Cast Glass Class
9. First Song
10. Apes Now! (Return Of The Rape Apes)
11. Watery Wisdom
12. Machines That Look Like People?
13. Death Shave
14. Permanent Werewolf
15. Time Ran Away
16. Midstream
17. SSSSSS Sports Techno
18. Fantasy Tan
19. Hanging Out
20. Tane Mahuta
21. V. The R.
22. Give Me Some

Yum EP (Self)
1. Tree Huts
2. Books
3. Memphis Creep
4. Zazz
5. Two Keyboards
6. John Douglas
7. G.O.L.D.E.N.A.X.E.
8. Romantic Moments
9. Instruments
10. Waverave
11. Canary Rap

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