Sunday, May 11, 2008

Petty Crime

I have vaguely known Pete Rojas for many years. We lived in the Bay Area at the same time and seemed to know of each other without every having met.

I finally met him when George visited New York after we both moved here. He seemed very nice. I believe we had burritos along with George's other hooligan friends that I only see when he is in town. They probably think I am George's hooligan friend, so I suppose that is fair.

A few years later I opened a magazine and saw his smiling face as a young person to watch due to his blog, Engadget.

I met Layla as well when she was residing in New York but haven't seen her in some years. I have a memory of riding somewhere in the bed of a pickup truck with her and Melissa Ip but the exact circumstances are currently lost to me.

Ironically I just purchased this record a few months ago. I used to buy every record on Slampt I came across and I don't know how this one evaded me for so long.

This record is really good.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a single by Petty Crime.

Petty Crime EP (Slampt)
1. Forfeit Intent
2. Mathematics
3. Lacklustre
4. Bad Astrology
5. Closed Eyes

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