Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Soiled Mattress And The Springs

I have to admit that after The Bad Form I did not expect to see Avi playing drums in this particular sort of combo.

I arrived early at a show at Cakeshop to discover that I had missed the first band, which at the time I didn't realize Avi was in. He gave me this CD and I told him that I looked forward to listening to it and regretted not seeing them.

I have seen them several times since then. Always enjoyable.

I saw Avi recently and he was giving me a hard time about something but I can't remember what now. We both seemed to find it very amusing, whatever it was.

These songs might have names but I don't know what they are. Do you?

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, the demo by Soiled Mattress And The Springs.

Demo (Self)
1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 4

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