Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Song Of Zarathustra

The first time I saw Song Of Zarathustra was in Wilkes Barre, PA. Despite the fact that they had New York shows coming up, I found myself along for the ride with Mike Simonetti, Dennis Spina, and Melissa Ip. Among other things we listned to Sleep's Jerusalem in its entirety.

I was younger and more willing to travel distances to see bands at that point I suppose. I might still be willing to travel for a show, but probably not to Wilkes Barre.

I cannot recall who else played that show as I don't think we watched any of the other bands.

After the show we stopped at a pizza place to eat before the long drive back and I was introduced to the oddly draconian Pennsylvania liquor laws. They would sell us a six pack, but we could only drink them inside if we walked outside and took them off the plastic rings. I was told "If you go outside, I don't see it, I don't know." One of the people in our party purchased a 40 thinking he could drink it inside and instead found himself in front of the shop drinking it quickly to get out of the cold (and, presumably, to avoid detection by the police). I've spent much more time in Pennsylvania since then and I still can't make much sense out of their liquor laws.

I remember hanging out with them at Columbus Fest the next year (I apparently did get around in this era) and thinking it was hilarious when members ended up playing pool with Jon Vance of Moss Icon for pitchers of beer. We were all a little star struck, odd as it might sound.

Travis and I became pretty friendly pver the years as a result of all this hanging out. I feel a little bad because he moved to New York and we tried to meet up a few times but never could really get it together. Perhaps it is time to try again?

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, 2 singles by Song Of Zarathustra.

Bote Des Zorns (Vendetta)
1. Inaccurate Accuracy
2. Half Mass
3. Quantity At Hand
4. Messenger Of Heat

A Poisonous Movement b/w Lude Boy (Hand Held Heart)
1. A Poisonous Movement
2. Lude Boy


estace said...

Thx for posting!

Alan Parsons said...

Why hello, Mr. BJ! This is Travis. Haven't heard Bote De Zorns in ages! I don't even own a copy of my own!

Hope yer well. This brought back some memories.