Saturday, June 21, 2008

Roads To Space Travel

I used to see the single around all over the place but I never really knew what it was so I gave it a miss. Being on Jawbox's label wasn't that big of a selling point.

Some years later I saw The Oranges Band open for The Hold Steady and they were fantastic. I purchased a few of their records and discovered that Roman was previously in Roads To Space Travel.

As you can see, I made some purchases based on this information.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, seventeen cuts by Roads To Space Travel.

Roads To Space Travel (Amish)
1. Represent
2. Still Lame Punk
3. I Didn't Pay My Taxes '95
4. New Mathematics
5. Crescent City Garage
6. W. H. Harrison
7. RDS Theme
8. From A To Point B
9. March On McKinley!
10. Black Van
11. Remember Your Lines Pt. 1
12. Remember Your Lines Pt. 2
13. Mitch... Tryout For Dancer
14. Two Point Two
15. 1001110


Before, Before Now b/w Guest Photographer (Desoto)
1. Before, Before Now
2. Guest Photographer

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