Sunday, June 15, 2008

Assembly Line People Program

I always heard good things about this band, but if you didn't live in Chicago or London their records were impossible to find.

I found all the English records in (wait for it) London, and I found the other one in Los Angeles (all roads lead to Amoeba, eventually).

I am not sure how Graham Coxon found them, but apparently he did.

I never asked Michael about that for some reason. Or maybe I did and forgot. Who knows?

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a few records by Assembly Line People Program.

Chicago, IL (Constructive Interference)
1. Glass Static
2. Knight Logic
3. New Minds

Noise Vision 80 b/w Who's Outline (Live) (Transcopic)
1. Noise Vision 80
2. Who's Outline (Live)

Critical Gate b/w Glass Static (3rd Eye Foundation Remix) (Transcopic)
1. Critical Gate
2. Glass Static (3rd Eye Foundation Remix)

Subdivision Of Being (Transcopic)
1. Ambiguity Of Crowds
2. In Need Of Language
3. Red Line Observation
4. Machine Gets Oil
5. Critical Gate
6. From Him, Another
7. Dover Butterfly
8. Noise Vision 80
9. A.L.P.P.
10. Selective Perception/Notion Implanted


James Joyce said...

An old band I was in played with them once, and it was unbelievable - more Trenchmouth than Trenchmouth. I'm glad you collected all their recordings here, as they can be pretty hard to find. Do you remember Hex Error, the band they had after this one?

Low Down Coyote said...

fucking sick, listening to one lonely track on radio now and i need this. ive taken your stuff before and never commented, shame on me,