Sunday, June 29, 2008


I first got hipped to Kaleidoscope when I was working at Midnight Records. Mike played Tangerine Dream for me and I was totally blown away. I'm still blown away by it, to be honest.

We got this CD in when it came out and listened to it constantly. I particularly like "San Francisco".

Recently I was listening to them and realized that I didn't have a copy, digital or otherwise, of this record. I found it on Amazon for a few bucks and figured it was a worthwhile investment.

I know there were several Kaleidoscopes, but for my money this one was the best. Is there really any argument?

Some of the tracks are a bit rough as they are from acetates. Acetates they hadn't seen since the 60's. How does this happen? How do things like this go missing so easily? Don't people care about the past?

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a CD by Kaleidoscope.

The Sidekicks Sessions 1964 - 1967 (CD Alchemy)
1. And She's Mine
2. Reflections
3. Please Stay, Don't Go
4. What Can I Do?
5. He's Gonna Ba a Star
6. San Francisco
7. Walking in the Park
8. I Wants to Be Loved
9. San Francisco
10. He's Gonna Be a Star
11. I'm Looking for a Woman
12. House of the Rising Sun
13. Roadrunner
14. Wee Wee Hours
15. You're Not Mine
16. Drivin' Around
17. Holiday Maker
18. And She's Mine
19. Please Stay, Don't Go
20. What Can I Do?
21. High Heel Sneakers

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