Friday, June 13, 2008

The Yummy Fur

Welcome to the 100th Post! Imagine balloons and confetti falling to mark the occasion, if you like.

100 bands in 100 days is nothing sneer at, I would say. I am officially taking this opportunity to pat myself on the back. If you feel like patting me on the back as well, please feel free to do so by leaving me a complimentary comment.

I decided that to celebrate, I would share one of my favorite bands with you. As you can see by the sheer volume of records here, a lot of work (and love!) went into this post.

If you are unfamiliar with The Yummy Fur, this is your lucky day. You might have just discovered your new favorite band.

I was introduced to them whilst working at Epicenter. One of the singles came in and was described as sounding like The Fall so I purchased it. More singles kept coming in, and I kept purchasing them.

I've still never seen an actual copy of Kodak Nancy Europe. I will keep looking. Should I find one, this sentence will disappear and be replaced by mp3s.

When I finished college I was determined to move somewhere but I hadn't quite decided where. I considered moving to the United Kingdom and turning up on John McKeown's door, demanding to be in the band (much as Ed Crawford did to Mike Watt). I moved to New York City instead.

I was in Glasgow recently and was disappointed that I didn't have any time to look in record stores to see if I could unearth any memorabilia.

One of my all time favorite lines is from "Policeman":

"Oh, policeman, I'd love to spend the evening snorting cocaine off the stomach of your girlfriend."

My old roommate Mel Flashman used to have a dance she would do to "In The Company Of Women". It was hilarious.

"Shoot The Ridiculant" is, in my own estimation, a masterpiece.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, many records by The Yummy Fur.

Music By Walt Disney But Played By Yuri Gagarin Thus A Political Record (Slampt)
1. Goosebump
2. Shrinky-Dinc
3. Pink Pop Girls
4. Kabuki Actors Christmas
5. Candy Clark
6. Hong Kong In Stereo
7. Mao Tse Tung
8. Father Ubu Says
9. Frankenstein A Go-Go
10. The Optical Meat Dress

Elastic Jet Mission (Slampt)
1. Bugs Bunny
2. Popcorn

Night Club (Slampt/Guided Missile)
1. Plastic Cowboy
2. Prole Birthday
3. Kirsty Cooper
4. Theme From Ultrabra
5. Films
6. Cheloveck
7. Republic Of Salo
8. Rollerderby
9. Theoretically Pink
10. Kodak Nancy Europe
11. Carry On Nurse
12. I Am 'Cosmetic Man'
13. Roxy Girls
14. Klaxxon Education Film
15. Exact Copy Of Herman Friendly
16. Sergeant Jumper
17. Chinese Bookie

Homosexuals, Clowns, And Film-Makers Caught In The Nightclub Death System As Explained By The Group (Guided Missile)
1. Plastic Cowboy
2. Flapy Clown Disco
3. Chinese Bookie

Supermarket (Vesuvius)
1. Supermarket
2. The Career Saver

Policeman (Guided Missile)
1. Policeman
2. 70's/Car Crash

Stereo Girls (Roxy)
1. Stereo Girls
2. We're Always Crashing In The Same Car

Male Shadow At Three O'Clock (Vesuvius)
1. St John Of The Cross
2. Catholic
3. Department
4. Colonel Blimp
5. The Canadian Flag
6. Vacuum Cleaner

Shoot The Ridiculant (Guided Missile)
1. Shoot The Ridiculant Part 1
2. Shoot The Ridiculant Part 2

Sexy World (Guided Missile)
1. Sexy World
2. Playboy Japan (1971)
3. In The Company Of Women
4. British Eyeballs Ltd
5. Cryptdang
6. Analogue People
7. 50 Million Bees
8. Deathclub
9. Fantastic Legs
10. 801
11. The Ballad Of Piggy Wings
12. Young Pop Things
13. Shoot The Ridiculant

Glasgow (Plastic Cowboy)
1. Shivers

Club Beatroot Part Eight (Flotsam & Jetsam)
1. This Is Andrew Sinclair


Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this. i miss slampt!

Moonkey Hoss said...

Thanks for all your great work!! This was really nice.

Crumple Morris said...


I've got about half of these releases - THANK YOU THANK YOU.

I've got a couple of other goodies if yr interested - my fav 6 tracks from a Cherry Red comp and another CD comp.

kjartanhottie said...

Thanks a lot, I miss quite a lot of this. Do you lack Kinky Cinema though? I have it if you want it.

kjartanhottie said...

and also, their 2nd Peel Session, which is great.

Unknown said...

hey BJ do you have any male nurse? You should post that...

Famous Mortimer said...

Many, many, thanks. You've saved me the hassle of ripping my own copies of many of these singles, and for that I thank you.

Kristen said...

Wow! Thank you so much! Excellent post.

Bowties said...

Thanks, man. Very nice roundup.

Mexicano em Praga said...

I just want to state that: you're the man! You're the only guy haveing an upload on GoGoGo Airheart, the all times best band ever! And for that, you should have a statue in every city xD

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