Saturday, June 7, 2008

Electrosleep International

My friend Dave used to tell me about his friend Josh's band Electrosleep International. I later met Josh and played with and saw his current excellent bands (Deerhunter and SIDS, respectively). But it took me a few years to finally hear this one.

Man is it good! Some hardcore records have held up better than other, apparently.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a single by Electrosleep International.

A>A>A>A (Ex-Space 6)
1. After We Steal The Identity Of The Pharohs
2. Unite On Impulse
3. These Purchases
4. Thirteen Toes

1 comment:

Mars said...

I saw them a bunch of times! I'm an old fart so I'd tease 'em about their 'Dragonball Z' hair, but yeah - intense stuff!