Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Audience

The first time I saw them was the second time they played, somewhere near Santa Cruz I think. The show was at a weird bar and they were amazing. This was the era when they would play with TVs tuned to static behind them.

Apparently their first show they wore silver suits that made them look like spacemen, although I don't think that was their intention. I am still sad that I missed that show.

The CD of Das Audience had a really silly hidden track that was funny the first time I heard it and gotten really tiresome after that.

I am glad the LP does not feature that cut.

I wrote the following review of Young Soul for Zum #11 in 1998:

"This is sort of the same band that had out a recent LP, but it sounds totally different. Maybe it's because since then, they've kicked out their singer and been through three (four? who can keep track anymore?) keyboard players. They rock and roll and all that, but they definitely have a certain charm not found on many of the records of the pretty-boys-from-hardcore-bands-rediscovering-soul-and-rock genre (or whatever, I don't really know), and if you like that sort of thing, then this is the record for you. I don't, but I still like it. Go figure."

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, 2 records by The Audience.

Das Audience (Hymnal Sound)
1. Doctor Huh
2. Painless Dentistry
3. Love A Doorframe
4. Solomon's Son
5. Studio! Studio!
6. Barson Stills
7. Something Signal
8. The Ramona Pageant

Young Soul (GSL)
1. Young Soul
2. The Voyeurs

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Eve said...

LOVE THIS SITE! revisiting lots of old faves. thanks so much!!