Sunday, June 8, 2008

Kublai Khan

I don't believe I had the pleasure of seeing Kublai Khan. I did see the first Jakarta show, which my hazy memory tells me featured members of Kublai Khan. I could be wrong, however.

Slowly but surely, every record Brooks put out will make it up here. How many are left now? The internet doesn't seem to know.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a single by Kublai Khan.

Kublai Khan EP (Chocolate River (Deconstructions))
1. Alexander The Great
2. Ricky "The Dragon" Speedboat
3. Popular Mechanics


Unknown said...

i still have the remaining copies of this 7" for sale. should post a bio or something somewhere. chandan narayan, adheesh sathaye, josh kilbourn, and later on (not on this recording) rudy f from michigan...

Chandan said...

Thanks for putting this up, B.J.! Rudy Fischman (not on this record, from Ypsilanti MI) went on to write for the Ripley's Believe it or Not T.V. show.

If you buy a copy of the Tetuzi Akiyama/Jeffrey Allport LP ( you get a sleeveless copy of the KK 7". What a deal!