Monday, May 5, 2008


I loved Pee from the first time I saw them. I would go to pretty much every show I could after that. I saw them play all over San Francisco, I am happy to say.

Their most amusing show was Pee, J Church, and A Minor Forest, when Andee was playing drums for all 3 of those bands.

I went on a date once to see Pee at The Chameleon. I used a fake ID to get in as I was underage.

They tried to change their name to Miracle Research Center staff so they wouldn't be named after bodily waste anymore, but it didn't stick. They did end up naming a single that, however.

As far as I know, barring compilations, this is their entire discography.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, several records by Pee.

Jonah & The Whale b/w Transplant City (Bingo)
1. Jonah & The Whale
2. Transplant City

Salt Garden (Double Play)
1. Salt Garden
2. See Photo
3. Icarus The Flat-Footed Pond Bird

Little El Pee (March)
1. Egghead Billy
2. Turn Key One

Now! More Charm & More Tender (March)
1. Arch Enemies
2. I Hate All Vegetables
4. Copacetic
5. Home
6. Treeeeed
7. Stratford Landing
8. Helado
9. Bruce Hearts Big Star
10. Metallica
11. See Photo
12. Plankton
13. Andee Wants To Impregnate Me With One Half Of Uncle Tupelo
14. Jose Pelota
15. Bubulubu
16. San Salvador
17. Fight Song (The)
18. John's Heart Soared
19. Kelso

Miracle Research Center Staff (Honey Bear)
1. Mexico
2. Making Soccer History
3. Wyatt On The Spiral Stairs
4. (Inspired By) Funny Computer

The Roaring Mechanism (Absolutely Kosher)
1. I Can't Wait 'Til I Get Rickets
2. Erik Owns A Home
3. The Rewards Of Gourmet Dining
4. Charm Offensive
5. The Misguided Self-Punishers
6. Yell If I Miss Mortis
7. Track Sixty-Six
8. Ely Anchors
9. Carmen's Theme
10. Ed Is Fifty


Jim Stanley said...

thanks for posting this, b.j. - I think this is the first time a lot of these singles and the artwork have been put up for free download. enjoy... --Jim Stanley (iamjimstanley at gmail dot com)

noelmo said...

i love pee. thanks for posting!

envythedead said...

I saw that show at bottom of the hill were Andee played in all three bands. great night of music!! oh afterwards, my friend and I gave Adam Pfaler a ride home and it was embarrassing because my friend had a jawbreaker tape in the tape-player and she had to eject that shit quick!

great blog! I loved Pee or P.E.E. or Marine whatever and have a few of these records still.

Al Charity said...

i know this was posted a year and a half ago, but i wanted to say that this i awesome. I have "more charm" and "roaring" but i wasn't aware of the other release. thank you kindly for posting this.

Scraps said...

And now three years later: I too had the albums, but I didn't have (or heard of) the singles and the e.p. Thanks very!

If anybody is reading this, did anyone from the band make any music after this?

N-gauge said...

@Scraps If you're reading this, A Minor Forest is the biggest name act I think, a project from the guitar/vocalist Jim Stanley

To the blogger, thanks so much for compiling these! I hadn't heard of the Miracle Research Center stuff, and was missing some of the singles. Now I can go collect!

Unknown said...

Jim and Andee I've been told are in this band: