Saturday, April 19, 2008

The Need

What a band. I was fortunate enough to see them repeatedly over the years. My favorite set was at Yo-Yo A Go-Go in 1997 (which I have mentioned several times, probably because I got to see so many killer bands there), where they played with Karp and Behead The Prophet, among others. Amazing.

Radio ran a thrift store in Olympia and I picked up a copy of Heavy Metal Parking Lot from her store whilst on that trip. Apparently it was a 3rd generation copy (which is pretty good, considering). It has since gone missing but I have never pined for it as my old roommate Josh used to play it for every single person who walked through the door. Almost nightly I would get home from work to hear strands of it as I was walking up the stairs.

Josh once got arrested on the Berkeley campus for drunkenly lighting something on fire. Kudos! The recording of his call from jail on the answering machine was priceless.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, several records by The Need.

The Need EP (Kill Rock Stars)
1. Majesty
2. D.P.D.T.
3. Crush (Do You Believe In Vibration?)
4. 96 Needles
5. Crown
6. Kathy Quaalude

Jacky O'Lantern (Outpunk)
1. Jacky O'Lantern
2. Lamp
3. Pony 4 Honey

Radio Revolution: A "Critical Nuisance" Live At KZSC (KZSC)
1. Mouthwash Cannonball

The Need With Joe Preston & DJ Zena (Up)
1. Vaselina
2. Talk Potty

La Foresta Della Morte (Toyo)
1. Talk Potty

The Structure Of Scientific Misconceptions (Toyo)
1. Resurrection
2. The Green Manalishi (With The Two-Pronged Crown)


x said...

oh man. THANK YOU! i was too young when the need was still around... this is a real treat. :)

Jerry A. said...

Unbelievable--this is an utterly distinctive band and you're archiving stuff that nobody else is bothering to, with superb documentation. A million thanks!

Unknown said...

makes me long for the days of kar-need-oke....

Unknown said...

thank you for posting all this amazing stuff. i was also at that yo-yo a go-go in 97 & this is taking me back! a magical time.