Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fast Forward

I picked this record up one day on a whim from Sound & Fury (a record store that I still miss). It was much as described - a fun single that I'd listen to once and then put away.

Some years later though I pulled it out again and it is still a fun single! The other Fast Forward records I have are a bit more harsh than this one, but feel free to enjoy it anyway.

I will say that Le Shok stayed at my tiny apartment in Brooklyn when Cundo (or John, or whatever) was in the band and there were bodies everywhere! I believe we saw them play at ABC No Rio and then got really drunk and then went to see Mike Simonetti DJ at the Knitting Factory and I split my pants on the way.

I went and danced anyway because I wasn't going to go back to Brooklyn to change them and I didn't want it to ruin my night. It was dark in that basement anyway.

I saw Marty (who I mentioned the other day) that night and rubbed my ass on him because it seemed like a good idea at the time. It probably wasn't.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, 2 songs from Fast Forward.

Co-Worker (Capillary)
1. Co-Worker
2. Pre-Seasonal Man


Ceci said...

DUDE! I have this record. SO good!

Wm said...

I saw Fast Forward open up for John Wiese at an in store at Noise Noise Noise in Costa Mesa in '99 a little after this 7" came out. Fast Forward played solo and only performed two or three songs, all with out vocals. It was pretty small show, only about 5 people came and I think I'm including the employees in the count. Though I came more to see Wiese it was cool to see FF too. Thanks for the post!

not keren said...

wow. thanks bj! i have this record too but i am too lazy to burn it and oddly enough i wanted to hear the song "co-worker" tonight. googling it brought up your blog. blessed be the powers of the internet.