Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Djin Teeth (Fangs)

I remember that this band was from Portland, OR and friends with Todd. I have a vague memory of sticking my head in their van but that is about the long and the short of it. I believe I was handed this object whilst my head was in the van, but I could be wrong.

I hadn't listened to it in the intervening years so I was surprised to remember that it features an accordion and what sounds like a viola. I could probably read the liner notes but I am going to leave it to my best guess.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a compact disc by Djin Teeth (Fangs).

Auntie Eunice's Unmentionables (Self)
1. Last Gas
2. Abandonment Of The Shipyard
3. Sweatin' To The Old Folks
4. Beans Unto Peas
5. Mechanic In Me
6. Bloodbuxum River
7. Mile High Club
8. River Hades
9. Lighthouse Keeper
10. Moyles Rampage
11. MonkeyShines

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envythedead said...

This band was great. saw them a lot of times and even lived with the dude in the band. and they could (and did!) play just about anywhere they could fit their bodies.

The guy in the band (Stef) was also in a great band called Malibu Falcon that I hope to post a recording of on my blog very soon.