Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jonathan Fire*Eater

I never paid this band any mind until my buddy Lou Santos came along and made me start listening to them. I was, I must admit, quite surprised by how much I liked them.

Now you can either surprise (or remind) yourself.

Don't feel obligated to, however.

I found the two singles from Wolf Songs For Lambs in London, and the split at the once legendary record store I used to manage (until it was raided by the feds), Midnight Records.

I don't remember where the other record came from. Perhaps it rose from the dead?

I never did see this band, although I have seen and enjoyed The Walkmen on several occasions. I didn't like them much the first few times, but they were great at Barnard that one time some years ago.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, 3.5 records by Jonathan Fire*Eater.

The Public Hanging Of A Movie Star b/w The Cakewalk Of Crime (PCP)
1. The Public Hanging Of A Movie Star
2. The Cakewalk Of Crime

Jonathan Fire*Eater/Stiffs, Inc. (Titanic Tours)
1. The City That Never Sleeps

When The Curtain Calls For You (Deceptive)
1. When The Curtain Calls For You
2. A Night In The Nursery

These Little Monkeys (Deceptive)
1. These Little Monkeys
2. Tomorrow's News Tonight

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Joseph said...

Great post! I've been meaning to give them a good listen ever since I got into the Walkmen. Thank you!