Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Make-Up

I was at a record store in Simi Valley one day and I started chatting with the dude who worked there about The Nation Of Ulysses. He told me that they had broken up but they were in a new band called The Make-Up. Apparently we forgot to talk about Cupid Car Club, but I got that single soon enough.

I started accruing their singles as they were released. I loved them, although I think I started to become less interested as more albums came out.

I saw The Make-Up twice, once at Bottom of the Hill and once at Tramps right before it closed. Good times!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, several early singles by The Make-Up.

Blue Is Beautiful b/w Type U Blood (Black Gemini)
1. Blue Is Beautiful
2. Type U Blood

The Make-Up/The Meta-matics (Black Gemini)
1. Trans-Pleasant Express

R U A Believer b/w Version (K)
1. R U A Believer
2. Version

The Make-Up/Slant 6 (Time Bomb)
1. We're Having A Baby
2. This Is...Young Vulgarians

The Make-Up/The Crainium (Slowdime)
1. I Want Some (Gimme Some)

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dicky said...

would you maybe be able to post the crainium side of that split??