Friday, April 11, 2008


There used to be a band called Zs 40 that I thought were okay. My friend Sam was in it and I thought he was pretty cool, though. They named their band Zs 40 because one of their fathers was nicknamed "Z" and had a bunch of shirts made up for his 40th birthday. Apparently many of these shirts went unclaimed and they figured they could have a bunch of free merchandise if they only chose the right name.

Some time passed and I can only assume they sold all of their shirts as they shortened the name to simply Zs. One night (I would like to say at Free 103) Sam handed me this and suggested that I listen to it.

It is great! I love Zs!

Ladies and gentlemen, for you listening pleasure, a CDr by Zs.

Show Release (Self)
1. Slalom
2. Retrace A Walk
3. Olympics
4. Mimesis

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