Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ferrari Testarossa

This band featured myself, Warren Ng, Sean Neil, and Nadav Havusha. It began one night at The Right Bank, a place on Kent where Todd P used to do a lot of shows. Sean and I were hanging out and discussing the fact that I was moving to Philadelphia soon (an ill advised move all around, but that is neither here nor there). Sean informed me that he was going to host a going away party for me at his residence (502 Warren Street) and that he and I were going to be in a band that played it.

About a week or so before I was scheduled to leave I showed up at Sean's house, having talked my friend Warren into joining us. We played for a while, switching instruments around, when we realized that we needed a singer. Sean suggested Nadav, who played with him in Aa. Nadav was the one in the band that I knew the least, although that has changed over the years.

I saw Nadav the next night and we talked about his possible involvement. He wasn't entirely convinced, but we eventually coerced him into showing up.

The four of us played again and it was great! We needed someone who could sing and play drums, and Nadav could do both.

We practiced again the next day, then recorded this the day after (please note that Sean put the artwork together and while he did an awesome job he is solely responsible for the misspelling of not only Ferrari but Testarossa as well). We took the next day off and then played a show at The Right Bank (fitting) with The Love Of Everything. Apparently I knocked my friend's beer out of her hands and all over her boobs, for which I received no small amount of critical acclaim.

The next night we played the going away party for which we started the band. I wore a three piece suit which I slowly shed as I went from singer to guitar player to drummer. Bobby played with us again but he just put on Misfits records and sang along to them.

The shows were both super fun, and I think we did pretty well with the time we had. Just so you know, there is a Black Flag cover after the end of the last song, Sean really liked the idea of a "hidden track". Apparently after I left for Philadelphia Sean received several telephone calls complimenting him on our work and asking when we were playing again. He informed them that there would be no encores.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a compact disc recordable by Ferrari Testarossa.

Ferrari Testarossa EP (Self)
1. I Only Came For The Open Bar
2. Habit
3. She Let Me Touch Her Boob
4. War Fever
5. Lamborghini Countach

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