Sunday, April 13, 2008

Get Hustle

I have seen many different iterations of this band, and enjoyed them all. Mark and I got on particularly well when he was in the band and they slept in our tiny, tiny apartment. I got home from work to discover him sleeping on the couch in our kitchen (we shared a one bedroom, so the only common space was where the cooking would have taken place were either of us at all adept at heating and/or seasoning food). We made fast friends.

I had the pleasure of visiting them in Portland and it was a blast. Valentine is fun to hang out with for many reasons, but one of them is that she always calls me "darling".

Mac is really good at pool, if you happen to enjoy that game. We played a round together at one of my favorite bars in Philadelphia, The Dolphin. If you enjoy cheap beer (or naked ladies on Friday and Saturday nights) I highly recommend it.

Maxamillion (or Ron Anarchy as I originally met him -- I have always had an affection for punk names) and I would always chat about being fellow Leos. You know how we are.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, 2 tour CDs (the first one got a little soaked in bourbon, which seems appropriate) by Get Hustle.

Live At The Little Fawn (Self)
1. Don Quixote & I
2. Made Of Magic
3. W*S*T*P (Watts Stax The Power)
4. The Family M.C.

Live At The Little Fawn #2 (Self)
1. Zion Cadillac
2. Alchemical Candyman
3. Turquoise Owl
4. I & I Survive


Mars said...

I love you!
Quick question. Who played the second keyboard for a bit way back when?

BJ Rubin said...

I believe you are thinking of Mark Evan Burden, who I mentioned in the post. He currently plays in the excellent Silentist.

Mars said...

B.J. You Rule. I've got a blog called 'Organ*Pron' (mostly about...organs)and am doing a piece (hopefully an interview as well) on Get Hustle in general and Mac in particular. I remembered an old issue of Skyscraper that had a picture of a two keyboard set up and you just filled in the blank. Big thanks!

Will check out Silentist.... right now!