Thursday, February 5, 2009

90 Day Men

I think I met these dudes at Enid's one night many years ago, but I have little recollection of it. I do remember getting egg salad sandwiches with my friend Mara at the end of the night, however. My stomach apparently has a steely resolve that Mara's does not, as her sandwich did not stay down all night. Perhaps all the liquor at the bar did not help.

I think I liked the idea of this band more than I ever actually liked them. Other people quite liked them however and as I was asked to post their side of the CD I decided to add the single that I purchased because I thought it looked neat and then proceeded to not even listen to once.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, 90 Day Men.

90 Day Men/GoGoGo Airheart (Box Factory)
1. From One Primadonna To Another
2. Studio Track Four
3. Methodist

She's A Salt Shaker b/w Activate The Borders (Southern)
1. She's A Salt Shaker
2. Activate The Borders

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Adolfo said...

I remember trying to haggle with Rob when he worked at Big Brother Video in Chicago over how much I'd get over a "Cannibal Holocaust" vhs I wanted to sell. Little did I know I'd be a fan of his band. If I still had their first 7", I'd send it your way. Thank you so much.

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