Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No Things

We played what was perhaps our drunkest show with No Things at Llano Estacado a few years back. I remember being bombarded with beer cans and toilet paper.

Pat and I have become quite good friends in the meantime. He is someone I share my nice scotch with, and so should you!

One of the best times we had was out in Southold, Long Island. He and Anna had a place on the beach for a week and I stayed with them for two nights. We barbecued freshly caught swordfish (I decided to experiment with eating fish but it didn't take), ate cheese from goats we patted, and drank wine from grapes grown nearby. Awesome!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, No Things.

Trees (Self)
1. Trees
2. Have It Your Way
3. Treat Us Like Children
4. Gather Round The White Chapel
5. Electric Chair
6. Coward
7. Gutta Luva
8. International Insurrection
9. Offa Bridge
10. Die In The Past
11. Heaven Has No More Room

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