Monday, October 20, 2008


I had the pleasure of meeting these young gentlemen the first time I ever went to CBGBs. I had spent the day ridiculously hungover (which resulted in me not drinking for the next 2 years), and arrived at the show to discover that every band I had heard of had cancelled.

I didn't even see Blueprint that night, but I wound up chatting with them anyway. It turned out we had a mutual friend in Houston, who I was going to visit later in that trip.

It was our last night in New York. I was with Eric Pritchard. I believe I mentioned earlier that he has since forgiven me, but when Blueprint offered me a ride to Cleveland to see June Of 44 and godheadsilo, how could I say no? I feel like this story keeps coming up, this might be the fourth post that relates to it.

What can I say? That show ruled.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Blueprint.

Acoustic (Abridged)
1. Until Now
2. Character
3. Even Superheroes Make Mistakes

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P. Birouette said...

Really good stuff. I really enjoyed their self-titled CD so I was pretty stoked to see this.