Sunday, October 19, 2008

Girls At Our Best

I recently purchased what turned out to be not only their first single, but the only one I didn't have. I am not quite sure why, but even though I went through the trouble of bringing them home from England I never got around to listening to them.

Where have they been all my life! I felt pretty awesome listening to these, and hopefully you can now too!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Girls At Our Best.

Getting Nowhere Fast b/w Warm Girls (Record)
1. Getting Nowhere Fast
2. Warm Girls

Politics! c/w It's Fashion (Record)
1. Politics!
2. It's Fashion

Go For Gold! b/w I'm Beautiful Now (Happy Birthday)
1. Go For Gold!
2. I'm Beautiful Now

Pleasure (Happy Birthday)
1. Pleasure
2. Too Big For Your Boots
3. I'm Beautiful Now
4. Waterbed Babies
5. Fun-City Teenagers
6. £600,000
7. Heaven
8. China Blue
9. Fast Boyfriends
10. She Flipped
11. Goodbye To That Jazz

Fast Boyfriends (Happy Birthday)
1. Fast Boyfriends
2. This Train

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