Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Cloud Room

I met first Jonathan well over a decade ago when he was a student at UC Santa Cruz. I was friends with his roommates Gabe (now of Yellow Swans) and Courtney (who I had quite a crush on but never got anywhere with). I remember one morning eating breakfast with Jonathan and him telling me that I was welcome in his home anytime. He does not recall saying that to me, but that is neither here nor there. It has always been true, as far as I know.

Jonathan moved to New York maybe a week or so before I did. I ran into him at The Cooler, although for the life of me I cannot recall what show it was. We became fast friends. We went to see a lot of movies together for some reason.

One night I was informed that the girl I was seeing was sleeping with someone else. I was informed of this fact at Welcome To The Johnson's (with him present!) and I wasn't terribly thrilled about it. I wasn't quite sure what to do after they left so I called Jonathan up. He invited me over and listened to me go on and on about my heartache pretty much all night.

Jonathan and I haven't hung out too much lately, I think he is busy touring weird places and I am married so we don't have as much free time as we used to. It meant a lot to me that he was there for me that night, it was a bit of a rough one.

I think at some point he started telling people his name is J but I've known him for far too long to buy into it.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, two CDrs by The Cloud Room.

Demo (Self)
1. The Hunger
2. Devoured In Peace
3. Sonic Youth

The Cloud Room EP (Self)
1. Hey Now Now
2. Waterfall
3. The Hunger
4. Devoured In Peace

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