Saturday, October 4, 2008

Ed Banger

This record doesn't make any sense to me. What do you make of it?

I will admit that I did a little research to try to make some sense of this. What I found was disturbing -- different iterations of this band (unfortunately not the one on this record) featured not only Vini Reilly (of The Durutti Column), but Morrissey (!).

That still doesn't explain what Kinnel Tommy means (or who he is?)

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, a single by Ed Banger.

Kinnel Tommy b/w Baby Was A Baby (Rabid)
1. Kinnel Tommy
2. Baby Was A Baby

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Anonymous said...

I've loved this odd little single for many years now - I was a soccer player and it just cracked me up when I first heard it, back in probably 1981 or so.

"Kinnel" is a jokey way of abbreviating/euphemizing "fuckin' hell, Tommy!", which the coach keeps saying in exasperation as Tommy misses, and misses, and misses....

In 'proper' written form it would be:'ckin 'ell