Thursday, January 3, 2013

Phil Collins

This is the first time I've ever written sleeve notes for one of my albums. The reason I write them now is to give the listener a direction or to maybe explain what the songs are about. Songs are all things to all people but sometimes the wrong path is taken and the misinterpretation stays with you forever.

This batch of songs crept up behind me during the last few months of '92 and the first half of '93. I improvised, recorded, improvised again, added, recorded some more and in all had a great time. For the first time ever I played all the instruments. It was during this time that I realised that the real fun to be had was actually in my little 12 track demo room. I've always used my home demos (either 8 tk or 12 tk) as my basic masters. This time I looked behind me and realised that I'd played everything I wanted to hear -- guitar, bass, even the lead vocals were all recorded at home. With my basic masters recorded at home, I then went to The Farm studios with engineer Paul Gomersall and assistant Mark Robinson, both of whom I had built a relationship with over the last few years, collaborating on various projects and culminating in the Serious Hits, Live album with Paul and the Genesis Dance album with Mark. There at The Farm we overdubbed real drums and the odd new line of guitar or harmony and of course we finally mixed the songs.

Many people think of me as a perfectionist, someone who polishes and shines each song and performance. I've always been bothered by that assumption. The way I worked on this album and indeed all my previous albums was to "make it up as I went along." Of course over the twenty or so years of recording, there are some that miss the mark a little. Whenever possible though, I've always kept the first take and then made everybody else play the mistakes! I've also always noticed that my demo lead vocals had more heart than the recorded versions done in the studio with headphones and people hanging around, so this time I had the lyrics written and I recorded all the lead vocals in the upstairs room at my house. All in all it's the most enjoyable album I've ever made. I hear the difference, I hope you do too.

Phil Collins

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Phil Collins.

Both Sides (Atlantic)
1. Both Sides Of The Story
2. Can't Turn Back The Years
3. Everyday
4. I've Forgotten Everything
5. We're Sons Of Our Fathers
6. Can't Find My Way
7. Survivors
8. We Fly So Close
9. There's A Place For Us
10. We Wait And We Wonder
11. Please Come Out Tonight

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