Thursday, January 17, 2013

Patti Smith

compact awareness...gems flattening...long streams of resin tools...kool system of destine wax sculpt...drums tongue and waves slapping...the feel of horses long before horses enter the scene...molten tar stud dead w/bones and glass and the teeth of women...veins filled w/existence...beyond race gender baptism mathmatics politricks...assassinating rythum...c-rude transending...soul-ar energy in the shape of a laughing pack of scarabs dressed in coats of milk armour...grace greased w/merc and wires...neither the desire nor the ability to stop I plop on the bed pink electric immediate some human light bulb these bands around my neck should revel what state i'm in...only history (gentle rocking mona lisa) seals...only histoire is responsible for the ultimate for me I am truly ready to go...

sonic klein man its me my shape burnt in the sky its me the memoire of me racing thru the eye of the mer thru the eye of the sea thru the arm of the needle merging and jacking new filaments new risks etched forever in a cold system of wax...horses groping for a sign for a breath...

charms. sweet angels--you have made me no longer afraid of death.

-- Patti Smith

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Patti Smith.

Horses (Arista)
1. Gloria
2. Redondo Beach
3. Birdland
4. Free Money
5. Kimberly
6. Break It Up
7. Land
8. Elegie
9. My Generation (live)

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