Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tennis Shoes

I recently spent a day in London wandering around in the rain going to as many record shops as I could find. I purchased quite a few records, some by bands I had heard of and many by bands I had not.

There were some rules governing which records I could buy and which I couldn't. To buy a record I had to be reasonably sure I would post it here at some point, and it had to be less than £10 (preferably closer to 5). If I hadn't heard of the band it had to look cool (obviously) and not be on a major label.

I got some oddballs, this not being the weirdest of the bunch. I love that their band is called Tennis Shoes and there are 9(!) members. I'm sure they needed every single one of the six people who are credited with vocals (for 3 of them it is their sole credit).

It says on the cover that there is a "free zoetrope inside" but as mine didn't contain one I concluded that they had intended that to be the title of the record.

This record is really fun to listen to, I am currently doing the medium wave (whatever that means).

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Tennis Shoes.

Free Zoetrope Inside (Bonaparte)
1. (Do The) Medium Wave
2. Rolf Is Stranger Than Richard
3. So Large.

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Unknown said...

Oh, it comes with a Zoetrope.

dan selzer