Monday, September 22, 2008


Texas hardcore, totally classic.

I never saw them but I had a single of theirs, released by my now good friend Matt Owens. He probably has more stories to tell about them than I do. He was the one who told me the Mike Gerner pirate story.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Carbomb.

Total Eclipse (Young Heartattack)
1. Intro
2. Radio Bomb Squad
3. Starlite
4. Angry Frogs
5. 50's Boy Lover
6. 60's Girl Lover
7. Pillowtalk
8. Lipstick
9. Love Shit Faced
10. Greaseslick Motorists
11. Dudly Foremost
12. Hipchick
13. Bomb Threat
14. Vacuum 57
15. Cherry Bomb
16. March Of Carbomb
17. 321 Contact
18. Breaker #9
19. Class Program
20. Sin City
21. Greaseslick Motorists/"Turn Up The Vocals!"/Pillowtalk/Starlite (Live)
22. For Your Eyes/Love Song For Love Birds/Dudly Foremost/Stereophonic/In Our Hearts/Radio Bomb Squad/Jakelegg/Constitution Revolution/Beatnik (Live)

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Tim D. said...

Thanks! I used to see this band live all the time in Texas. One of the best bands from Austin.