Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Crainium

It would appear that yet another milestone has been reached, as this is my 200th post. I am going to celebrate by sharing The Crainium discography with you.

I never got to see them, unfortunately. I heard something about them playing in San Francisco but I didn't hear about it until the next day. It was reputedly with Crom-Tech, another band I missed out on seeing. Damn it!

When I worked at Merrill Lynch I used to listen to A New Music For A New Kitchen to annihilate the corporate weirdness that surrounded me. It was usually pretty effective.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, The Crainium.

The Crainium (Dialect)
1. Human Nature Is Something Divorced, Human Nature Is A Mechanical Corpse
2. The Dancing Dinner
3. Sad And Painful Are The Realizations That The Fantasies Given To Us May Never Be Fixed

The Crainium EP (Slowdime)
1. They Cut Many Open And Were Surprised To Find No Radio
2. No, No, No
3. The Garden The Machine (A Drawing Of Blood In Imitation)

The Crainium/The Make-Up (Slowdime)
1. Hatch As Hatch Can - And I Can - But Won't
2. The Mechanical Breast

A New Music For A New Kitchen (Slowdime)
1. The Roles We Play, A Dead-Ended Game. We Have To Change. Create And Rearrange. The Roles We Play They Are A Dead-Ended Game.
2. Watch Who They Beat, Watch Who They Eat.
3. You Pretend That You Depend But Now You Are, Are You, Visible?
4. There Are No Rabbits In My Hat, (Yes, Yes, Yes, I Am A Traitor To My Sex!)
5. Abracadabra!, What Am I Now?
6. Only True Love Will Break The Rules.
7. Your Penis, It Is Tiny, And It Can Not Spell.
8. Untitled
9. Cut It Out Of My Body, Cut It Out Of My Mind,To Look, No Look, With These Eyes.
10. Untitled
11. What Are We Hiding? 1)Blood And Babies, Over Tea. 2)The Eggtree And The Ebbing Tides. 3)The Man In My Moon, Drinks Claret.
12. Untitled
13. New Hormones. Until Then, We Will Not Know What Love Is
14. A New Music For A New Kitchen. Or, (How I Raised Myself Up From The Dead, And You Can Too!)
15. The Coquettery Of Immobility Oh Watch How I Bake, A Victim, A Baby, A Coital Cake.
16. Untitled
17. A New Music For A New Kitchen


mandingo said...

Thank you SOOOO much for this post and the just all the fantastic music you've exposed us all too.

many thanks.

Unknown said...

Oh man, you saved me a lot of work with this one. I have all of their stuff, but all the singles are boxed up downstairs. This was my favorite band of 1998. I was also lucky enough to see them perform once.

Jamillah James said...

Thank you so much for posting this, particularly the two earlier 45s. I have gone through 2 copies of the Makeup split, and 3 copies of the full length. Saw these guys in 97. Totally ruined my mind. Thank you! Thank you!

exegetar said...

Hello. I am impressed by this band. How come i have never hear of them, when i am always looking for things like this! It sounds a bit like black eyes! does anyone knows more bands with this meaninful lyrics? please give me suggestions!! i am always searching!
I also want to thank "pukekos" for posting all this, and maintain this blog with your dedication. The other day i spent a lot of hours just into it. And i could notbelieve all the affinities we have in music,bands, and also because i also buy second hand records just cause they look interesting, even if i don't know nothing by the band.

Aaron said...

Saw the Crainium in Madison WI on tour with the Make*Up. Folks just stood and stared. I remember the singer doing an odd set of flamenco arm and hand movements the whole while. Bought the singles out of sheer will-never-see-something-like-this-again-ness and took photos.

Same summer Crom-tech and Clickitat Ikitawi came through Green Bay. Quite a year.

Wm said...

Are the Crainium photos you took available to view online??? I would love to see them, please let me know A.S.A.P.! Thanks!

iancaseys said...

also saw this band play on tour with the make up -- at my old house in minneapolis, along with the bands sleepytime trio and four hundred years. a very ecclectic, pretty great gig. his hero is gone also played a different show the same day across town - the punks were torn.

also saw both of the former mentioned the next day in a small college town in minnesota the next day whose name escapes me.. same venue i drove to see karp play twice.

my vague lost memories of the cranium -- the singer had very oddly, very obviously shaped eyebrows..