Thursday, September 25, 2008


I heard that Armatron played a show in San Francisco and threw a bunch of worms all over the place. Not the computer kind either.

My friends who set up the show were not amused when they had to clean it up at the end of the night.

For one reason or another I never purchased their 7", but I have all these comp tracks burning a hole in my pocket. At some point I'll drop a few bucks and you'll get a few extra tunes.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Armatron.

La Foresta Della Morte (Toyo)
1. R U 12
2. Strong-Arm

The Science Of Crisis (Toyo)
1. Fuck The Pigs
2. Pinch The Bug
3. Man's Urge To Destroy
4. Spoonman
5. Eaten Alive
6. Rolling Heads
7. Midget Child
8. Rocket Science


Unknown said...

Thanks for the post. These guys played in my front living room circa 97. They had a dude in a cardboard robot outfit dance for them. I still have their demo cassette.

dontyoufeelbetter said...

armatron ruled. sadly, matt, the singer/bassman, passed away a couple of years ago. there was a full length recorded but never released. too bad because it is killer! if you want me to upload their split with as good as dead or that 'malice' comp they were on with impetus inter give me a shout.