Friday, August 8, 2008

Young Ginns

I remember when Lance first brought these into Epicenter. I couldn't understand why he would put out a CD for a band that had long broken up and only had one record out that probably not a ton of people ever listened to. I hadn't listened to it, at any rate.

Now I understand.

I debated including the single as well but you don't need a scratchier version of the same songs. They aren't different versions or anything.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Young Ginns.

Young Ginns (Honey Bear)
1. Score
2. Cemetary
3. Lucky Seven
4. Question
5. Time
6. Waist Basket Kid
7. Parallels
8. We Are Buildings
9. Well Directed Violence
10. Time To Die
11. The Ironic Flag
12. Half Twist
13. Backline


Mars said...

Great record! Love that Void cover, too!

brett frost said...

I was so scared when I sang on this, I think I was 17. I think this is one of the best reviews ever; thanks.
Did it get re released? I like to look at it like rites of spring in a way. They only played 12 shows, we only played 9. People really seem to love this record. It's sad how ever when you listen to the void cover one of the girls singing past away last year. RIP Natalie Cox.
If any one is interested check out my blog it's just as crass as well as a fan page on face book under the name fuck you if you doubt me. I want to give thanks to all the fans we never played for and I might not ever meet. Sincerely Brett a frost

Anonymous said...