Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Prima Donnas

Apparently at one point Mike Gerner became very interested in pirates. So interested in fact, that he started affecting the mannerisms of a pirate. He converted all his money into coinage, etc. I'm not sure if he ever got a parrot but you know what I mean.

As happens with most people, his floors were due for a washing. He decided that since he was a pirate clearly the best way to do this was to swab the decks with rum. Literally.

The floors remained sticky until he moved out, and probably to this day. Ha!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, The Prima Donnas.

She Had Alien Written All Over Her b/w Break Your Fuckin' Head (Peek-A-Boo)
1. She Had Alien Written All Over Her
2. Break Your Fuckin' Head

Headfull Of Pills b/w She's In A Rage!! (Kill Rock Stars)
1. Headfull Of Pills
2. She's In A Rage!!

Present Their Amazing Songs (Paintcan Chandelierier)
1. Cock Sucking Machine
2. Reagan's Dead
3. F.U.K.
4. Untitled

Drugs, Sex & Discotheques (Peek-A-Boo)
1. Nance Music Manifesto
2. Reagan's Dead
3. (Dancin' In The) Freaky Zone
4. Headful Of Pills
5. Lavender Shakedown
6. Skin Of Another Man
7. Song For All The World's Children
8. F.U.K.
9. Yr So Cool
10. Love You, Schizo Sickie
11. Stoned, Like A White Balloon
12. Fall Fashion
13. Break Your Fuckin' Head
14. I Love My Motion Detector
15. ------
16. Four O'Clock In The Morning

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lolvalstein said...

Wow haven't this in years, knew these guys when they lived in austin and saw them play at many shows. It was a blast! Any chance you have their Live at KVRX cassette?