Saturday, August 16, 2008

Black Man White Man Dead Man

I never saw this band but my friend Zack Carlson was the singer. I ran into them on Bedford one day but couldn't make their show that night. Oh well.

He was in a band called The Nervous System and I still wear the shirt. He had a tour CDr that I got off him that doesn't play. It doesn't play! I have had a useless disc for 9 years now, hoping for the day when I would be able to get a proper copy of it. CDrs can be duplicated easily but cardboard artwork cannot.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Black Man White Man Dead Man.

Black Man White Man Dead Man (Thin The Herd)
1. Golden Girls
2. Quite The Opposite
3. DIY Suicide
4. Read The Rainbow
5. Lonely Socialist
6. It's A Mudrace To The Finish


Nathan Backous said...

I saw this band (and the Nervous System) quite a few times. Their live shows were usually really enjoyable. Joe DeNardo was known as quite a showman at the time. My favorite show was when he wore a diaper and a bald wig and was an angry baby for their set. The diaper later ended up on eBay. Joe Preston had to save them from getting creamed by some skinheads in Spokane, I don't know the full story. Of course this band morphed into 1000AD, which then morphed into Growing.

If you want some Nervous System, I have the Nervous System/Mur*Der split, and quite possibly the DAT tape that contains the Nervous System tracks.

While I'm on the subject of you wanting stuff... I've got quite a few Portland/NW singles/comps/tapes/etc. and I'm in the process of digitizing them. Anything you're questing for?

Keep up the good work.

envythedead said...

This band and 7" rule!! I saw them once or twice and loved them. I want Nathan to upload that Nervous System/Mur*der split... i have it, but don't want to digitize it myself.