Sunday, August 3, 2008

Mates Of State

I have a long history with Mates of State. My first encounter with them was playing with them in San Francisco. They played last and for some reason most of the people had left by the time they went on. Their loss. They were fantastic.

A few years later a different band played with them in New York. Fun fun fun!

I started running into Jason and Kori in the city after they moved to Connecticut. For some reason I usually find myself doing shots with Jason when our paths cross (the reason is probably that we both like to drink alcohol).

I remember listening extensively to a cassette dub of a promo copy of Our Constant Concern after being dumped some years ago.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, some singles by Mates Of State.

Mates Of State/Fighter D (Omnibus)
1. Leave Me At The Tree

It's The Law b/w Invitation Inn (Omnibus)
1. It's The Law
2. Invitation Inn

Beehive State b/w Über Legitimate (Snowglobe)
1. Beehive State
2. Über Legitimate

Mates Of State/Dear Nora (Polyvinyl)
1. These Days

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L said...

Thanks a lot for these - this is a real treat. I love their sound.