Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Huggy Bear

Today is my 30th birthday.

I sort of feel like I squandered being 29 by talking about how I was nearly 30. I let it get to me too much.

Now that I am actually 30 I don't feel all that different. I will say that this next decade is going to totally rule.

The first LP I ever purchased was the Huggy Bear/Bikini Kill split. I of course had CDs and cassettes before, but for some reason it was the first piece of vinyl I ever purchased. I hadn't heard either band but I'd read about them or something. Apparently you can tell it is the first press because there is no Bikini Kill side of the insert (a problem that was fixed on later pressings).

I never got to see them, which is still a disappointment to me. I wasn't allowed to go to shows during that era.

I absolutely love these records. I am not quite sure why they are all pretty much out of print. Do people not care about Huggy Bear anymore? That is a shame.

It took me nearly a decade to track down a copy of February 14. The fact that it was a gig single from a show I did not attend in Brighton in 1993 probably explains why. I did get it for 99 pence, so I suppose in some ways it was worth the wait.

Lance Hahn once told me about a Huggy Bear CD he had that they only made 4 copies of! I'm not holding my breath on tracking down one of those.

I would like to track down copies of their cassette only releases, however. If you happen to be in possesion of one and wouldn't mind parting with it for the good of humanity, then by all means please let me know.

Consider this my birthday gift to you!

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, pretty much every Huggy Bear record.

Rubbing The Impossible To Burst (Wiija)
1. Katholic Kunt
2. High Street Jupiter Supercone
3. Snail Messenger Loss
4. Single Bullets

Kiss Curl For The Kid's Lib Guerrillas (Wiija)
1. Derwin
2. Sizzlemeet
3. Concrete Life
4. Carnt Kiss

Her Jazz (Catcall/Wiija)
1. Her Jazz
2. Prayer
3. Pro No From Now

February 14 (Self)
1. February 14
2. Into The Mission

Our Troubled Youth (Catcall/Kill Rock Stars)
1. Jupiter Re-Entry
2. T-Shirt
3. Blow Dry
4. Nu Song
5. Into The Mission
6. Hopscotch
7. Aqua Girl Star
8. February 14

Shimmies In Super 8 (Duophonic)
1. Trafalgar Square
2. Godziller
3. More Music From Bells
4. Snow White, Rose Red

Don't Die (Wiija)
1. Dissthentic Penetration
2. Teen Tighterns
3. No Sleep
4. Shaved Pussy Poetry
5. Pansy Twist

Main Squeeze (Famous Monsters Of Filmland/Rugger Bugger)
1. Children Absent From Heaven Says
2. Red Flipper #2
3. My Best Kiss

Long Distance Lovers (Gravity)
1. Steppin On Bugs
2. Limit 2 Surf
3. Tuff Lovin
4. Code Fucker

Weaponry Listens To Love (Kill Rock Stars)
1. Immature Adolesence
2. Fuck Your Heart
3. Facedown
4. Warming Rails
5. On The Wolves' Tip
6. Erotic Bleeding
7. 16 + Suicide
8. Obesity + Speed In 15 Refractions
9. For Insecure Offenders
10. "Why I'm A Lawbreaker"
11. Local Arrogance 1994


Moonkey Hoss said...

An amazing effort! Thanks a lot!
Only one little thing: the volume seems very low on all those mp3s. No worries though :D

BJ Rubin said...

My old setup prevented me from high volume as it was a USB turntable and I couldn't change the record level. This meant everything was recorded at the level it was mastered at, as I didn't want to do any post production work other than cutting the silence between tracks.

That said, going forward things will be ripped at higher volume (I have a new setup now) but for these just turn it up! They still sound great!

James Kennedy said...

Fantastic! I learned about this at Jessica Hopper's blog and I'm thrilled and thankful you went through the trouble to make these. Huggy Bear blew my gourd when I was 19. I'm downloading these all right now. Thanks again!

The Grub Scout said...

You should get in touch with Stuart from the Phantom Preggers. Whilst it was yeeeears ago, the last time I was at his house, he had a shit load of Huggy Bear DATs of stuff that never made it into the world.

greezus chrust said...

thanks for this post! i was only missing one of the 7"'s you've got up-

question though- i was looking at HB's myspace fan page:
and in the discog they also list these:
-Huggy Nation/Kisser Boy Kisser Girl
-For Every Wolf That Roams
-Getting Close to Nothing
-peel sessions

do you know anything about these releases?


homintern said...

we bitched:
(n.b. image in folder is not actual sleeve art)

huggy nation
side a:
side b:

getting close to nothing

Anonymous said...

thanxx a lot for this blog
i like huggy bear, my favorite band.
i have the peel session from the band. i can send it to you if you want ;)

reggaechicken said...

huggy bear will always remain my favorite band. i love that you love sharing all this amazing music. a big thanks for all the great stuff i've gotten!

i did want to share this though, in case you haven't found it yet. i found for every wolf that roams on a message board. it's contained within one "song".

also thanks to homintern!

safari4ad said...

Thank you so much! By far my favorite band ever. You have done everyone a tremendous service by posting this stuff! And Pinkpirate, I would LOVE to hear the peel sessions!

Anonymous said...

@safari4ad: the peel session is here

enjoy ;)

safari4ad said...

YOU. ARE. ALL. THE. COOLEST. PEOPLE. EVER!!!!!!! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart!!

dee_seejay said...

From A johnny-come-lately: thanks all of ya!! (from a huggy fan)

TheBossInTheWall said...

holy bloody christ! Thank you!

safari4ad said...

Does anyone have the full 1992 peel session? Missing a track (i think Teen Tighterns?) Either way, much thanks to everyone. When i first got into HB back in the day i never dreamed i would get to hear We Bitched or For Every Wolf... or the '93 peel session, etc. All amazing music from extraordinary people and shared by even more extraordinary people. The riot still rages...

Wes said...

Thanks for sharing! One of my all-time favorite bands. Oh the 90s how I miss thee...

TwoHeadedBoy said...

Bloody hell, thank you so much for this! Went out into the world wide web looking for We Bitch, and instead found... Nearly everything, ha ha! That's my evening sorted.

Bongwater, familiar with them much? I figure if anyone likes Huggy Bear they like Bongwater, and vice-versa obviously.


Thanks SO much, I've been looking all over for some of this stuff!!

TheBossInTheWall said...

Homintern the link for side B does not work, any chance on a correct one? Much appreciated!

Pinkpirate, the peel sessions link does not work, do you have a working one? Thanks much!

Beste said...

Thanks a lot from Italy!