Monday, March 1, 2010

Golden Triangle

I did not meet the members of Golden Triangle recently, it would appear.

OJ and I actually met many years ago at The Right Bank. It was a bar on Kent and Broadway, probably best remembered for the Lightning Bolt gig that is documented in the Power of Salad (if you look closely at the video you can see my glasses get knocked off my face by some drunk asshole). OJ's old band Mob Stereo played a gig there with Ferrari Testarossa one night, during which I ran out into the crowd and knocked some chicks' beers onto their boobs (although less intentionally than I am making it sound). We always had a special bond as our names are similar (there was also an NJ in Mob Stereo, although we didn't share the same bond).

Carly is a great photographer, and don't let the fact that she is super hot intimidate you.

Cameron and Vashti run the Live With Animals space, and the studio they share there with Raul de Nieves is one of the more calming rooms I've had the pleasure of entering. Surrounding yourself with beauty can actually add time to your life, so I will be toasting them with all those extra moments.

Alix scares me a bit, I'm not sure if I like it but anything that gets you outside of your comfort zone, etc.

I first met Jay High at some GoGoGoAirheart gig, I think. He has a great last name but he's a ginger so it must be tough going out there. He didn't play on this tape, but best of luck to you bub.

To my knowledge, the information contained on this cassette has been kept secret from the general public until now. OJ seems to recollect the era as being particularly debaucherous:

"Ok that show where the tape was recorded was at Gavin Brown's Passerby Gallery for Useless Magazine. It was the last show ever at that space supposedly. We just set up a mic in the back of the room and pressed record. It was actually the first time TraLaLa (our first bass player) ever played the songs -- I think it was the first time she was actually sober. Our friend Micki Pellerano started off the show by performing a zombie cannibal ritual. At one point he pulled out an eel and cut it open to pull out its heart, and proceeded to devour it and share it with everyone around him -- I even took a bite. Everyone remembers that that eel smelled like a giant dirty ass, though. It threatened to clear the room, but everyone stuck around and it was a rad show.

I also have a story of how we got our current bass player, Alix Brown. We had just played a show at Montana's Party Palace with King Khan and BBQ, and rushed over two blocks away to Don Pedro's to play a late show. It was one of those times where the PA didn't work , and everyone's gear was broken, but people were so wasted by then at 3am, that they were just going crazy for no reason. We weren't even playing songs. People kept jumping onstage and at one point someone got in a fight with TraLaLa, but we kept playing because that stuff always happened with her at shows. Well they kept scuffling, and eventually she was being strangled by a mic cord. Long story short -- she bashed someone with her bass and took off -- and we had to stop the show. We didn't see or hear from her for 8 months after that. We heard rumors that she smashed someone's face with a glass and nearly severed 3 of her fingers that night as well. Anyway, we asked Alix Brown to play bass shortly after this night as we had shows lined up.

This story may be old to some. We were on tour with Knyfe Hyts in early 2008 when we stopped for our show in a town-not-to-be-named. Show was ok -- the weirdness happened afterwards. Locals were warning us of an old abandoned factory where they made pencils, but is now used to hide dead bodies. Then we were offered some rollie cigarettes that may have been laced with I-don't-know-what since all the guys started feeling weird and lethargic and hallucinogenic and feeling messed up -- a couple of us got sick and started vomiting -- and smoking those rollies was the only common denominator. Then as the night wore on, and it was time to leave the venue, some guys offered us a place to crash, but they also strangely offered a separate house for the girls and we were like, 'noo -- sorry, we wanna stay all in one house'. So we all end up in this messed up decaying house, through the kitchen which had a pot of week-old dry mac n cheese on the stove. One guy at the house was like, 'hmmm, I'm gonna add some water and it'll be cool' so he added a cup of water and started stirring up this mess and they showed us to this room with 5 bare stained mattresses. We were scared to even lay our sleeping bags on them. One dude just kept hovering near the door and offered us mescaline and pills which we politely declined -- but he silently just stayed in the doorway anyway for awhile which was awkward. Finally he creeped us out by saying, 'I'm just gonna stand here all night and watch you pretty faces while you sleep.' Finally he went away and we passed out. We overheard someone coming down the stairs in the middle of the night, and heard him say, 'that was easy... I just had sex!!!' I can't really articulate the creepiness of that moment or remember the other details creepy of that night, so this story may not sound so special to read. Anyways we got up early and split the next day really quickly."

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Golden Triangle.

Club Bangers (Party Store)
1. Live at Passerby

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