Sunday, March 1, 2009


I first saw Wives at Lyric Lounge in November of 2003. I was the DJ that night and felt pretty embarrassed because I accidentally started playing a song before their set was actually done. I quickly remedied my mistake but the damage was already done. These things happen it would seem, and since they still talk to me I feel like the have probably forgiven me at this point.

Randy handed me a business card one night after a show we played together at The Glasshouse and I totally did not believe that his name was actually Randy Randall. I still enjoy the fact that he is much like the city I love so much in that he is a dude so nice they named him twice.

My friend George recently hipped me to a little bit of trivia, which I had not been previously aware of.  Apparently Post Present Medium was bankrolled by a settlement that Dean received when his car was hit by a member of the Backstreet Boys. What a fortuitous accident that would appear to be as Mr. Spunt has gone on to put out (and make) some pretty interesting music.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Wives.

Wives EP (PPM)
1. A Quick Turn Off Beauty St
2. Saving Some For Myself
3. Song Three
4. Who Ordered The Cocktails?

Wives/KIT (PPM/Zum)
1. Remember Workfare
2. Burn
3. Vice City
4. Redecorated Covered Wagons

Wives/Moving Units (PPM)
1. Manchurch

EU/UK Tour 2005 (Cold Sweat)
1. Wives Hate Police
2. Facelift!

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Geoff said...

Awesome! Any chance you could post the KIT files from the split as well? I actually have the 7", and find the KIT side is actually way better than the Wives side. Thanks a bundle, the collection is amazing.