Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Three Mile Pilot

I had the pleasure of seeing Three Mile Pilot several times over the years. The best time was when they played at USF with A Minor Forest (on 10/25/96 apparently), ironically because their set was cut short by a power outage. They would play for like 2 hours so it was nice to see a more abbreviated (40 minute or so) set.

I also got to see them play the day before at The Basement in Santa Cruz, which was pretty amazing too.

For a little while it seemed like they had a record coming out every week or so, these singles were flying so fast and furious. I, as you might have surmised, dutifully purchased each one as it came out. I'm glad I did, too.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Three Mile Pilot.

This Divine Crown b/w The Open-Sided (Goldenrod)
1. This Divine Crown
2. The Open-Sided

Piano Plus b/w Piano Minus (Pennyfarthing)
1. Piano Plus
2. Piano Minus

Red Sensing b/w Sewn To Our Side (Outer Universe Research)
1. Red Sensing
2. Sewn To Our Side

Three Mile Pilot/A Minor Forest (Chrysanthemum)
1. The Approach

Late Night In The City Of Jodoolestan (Move)
1. Jodoolestan Requiem (Fourth Day Of Wake)
2. Everything

Three Mile Pilot/Boilermaker (Slowdance)
1. In This Town I Awaken

The House Is Loss b/w The Silver Monkey Syndicate (Paralogy)
1. The House Is Loss
2. The Silver Monkey Syndicate


Mallory Weiss said...

Yep, we done bought'em as well... quite obsessively so. TMP is a rare gem. Hope the new album will come out OK seeing as Touch-n-Go is semi-folding...

graves666 said...

Can't wait to see TMP on July 18th 2009! I think it's been 10 years...?