Sunday, March 22, 2009


When I was in college I had a brief affair with indie pop, so I decided that I was going to start collecting everything on the Sarah label. I had a cohort at Amoeba in Berkeley who used to pull out records for me if he thought I might be interested in them. He turned me on to a bunch of cool stuff (not just indie pop either) and would hold singles for me, which is how I got the majority of these. It is always nice to have a man on the inside. The others I either got in England or off eBay just like everyone else.

You probably have noticed by now that I am fascinated with the single. They are fun and often contain a band's best material, unbeknownst to all (until now) without record players. I hope I am getting you excited about the format as well.

Heavenly were definitely a singles band, and now you can hear all of them. They are fantastic, as if you needed me to tell you.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, the singles of Heavenly.

I Fell In Love Last Night b/w Over And Over (Sarah)
1. I Fell In Love Last Night
2. Over And Over

Our Love Is Heavenly b/w Wrap My Arms Around Him (Sarah)
1. Our Love Is Heavenly
2. Wrap My Arms Around Him

So Little Deserve b/w I'm Not Scared Of You (Sarah)
1. So Little Deserve
2. I'm Not Scared Of You

She Says b/w Escort Crash On Marston Street (K)
1. She Says
2. Escort Crash On Marston Street

P.U.N.K. Girl b/w Hearts And Crosses (Sarah)
1. P.U.N.K. Girl
2. Hearts And Crosses

Atta Girl (Sarah)
1. Atta Girl
2. Dig Your Own Grave
3. So?

Heavenly/Bis (K)
1. Trophy Girlfriend

Space Manatee (K)
1. Space Manatee
2. You Tore Me Down
3. Art School


G said...

simply fantastic.

Unknown said...

thanks for heavenly! ;)

David Lawrence said...

I sure don't see anything like this at the Amoeba Berkeley these days...

Payasocastillo said...

weon: Heavenly do honor to their name, thanks