Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Aislers Set

I was fortunate enough to see The Aislers Set on numerous occasions, on both coasts. In fact, I attended their premiere performance at the YMCA in Berkeley. The were always a treat.

I'm not sure how much people still care about them, but I sure do. I know a lot of these record are difficult to find so this might be the first time some of you are hearing them. In fact, I only recently heard the holiday single for the first time quite recently. After searching in vain for the better part of a decade, my buddy John Chavez handed me a copy as an present. Thanks man!

As the sun has now set it is officially the first day of Hannukah and as Christmas is only a few days away, I thought I'd make a present to you of all The Aislers Set singles.

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, The Aislers Set.

Been Hiding b/w Fire Engines (Slumberland/555)
1. Been Hiding
2. Fire Engines

The Aislers Set/Poundsign Japanese Tour EP (Slumberland)
1. The Walk, Pt. 1

The Aislers Set/Poundsign Wedding EP (Fantastic)
1. Not Too Young To Get Married

The Aislers Set/The How (Slumberland)
1. Hey Lover

The Aislers Set/The Fairways (Chocolate Bars and Crashing Cars/Yakimashi)
1. Yeh, Yeh

Happy Holidays From The Aislers Set And Slumberland Records (Slumberland)
1. The Snow Doesn't Fall

Action, Attraction, Reaction b/w Clouds Will Clear (Suicide Squeeze)
1. Action, Attraction, Reaction
2. Clouds Will Clear

The Red Door (Fortuna Pop!)
1. The Red Door
2. Summers Reprise
3. Warm Girls

Mission Bells (Suicide Squeeze)
1. Mission Bells
2. I'm So Glad To See You Go
3.Campanas De Mision


Harold said...

thanks so much. i love these. happy holidays to you as well!

envythedead said...

You wouldn't happen to have The Last Match and Terrible Things Happen? I can't find my CDs of these anywhere!

lucy said...

i've been obsessed with the aislers set for the past 8 years. and finding this was a real treat. thanks! wish i could have seen them live... you're a lucky one!!

L said...

This is a Great post-Hannukah present. I saw them a few years ago (lucky for me); Great concert. This is such a find - thanks so much for your time & effort.

funeralpudding said...

Just found these - thank you so much!

Wario said...

Thank you so much! I thought I never could find this. I've been looking for these singles everyday for the last two weeks. Again, tanks!!!!!