Wednesday, August 6, 2008


I recently picked up the single and was totally floored by it. I was going to post it that day I loved it so much.

Then I did a little research and discovered that they also had an LP. So I figured I would wait until I had it in my (somewhat) grubby little hands to share it so everyone would get a little more bang for their buck.

It is true that I am now buying records specifically to put up here. This unfortunately means that my wallet is starting to get a bit lighter. Luckily I am in talks with some old bands and labels to get copies of their records (or cassingles!) for free to share with the world. You'd think I have enough records as it is, but then you'd be wrong.

The moral of the story is that the LP is not nearly as good as the single. Oh well.

Ladies and gentlemen, two records by Kodiak.

Zero b/w Leave Me Alone (Slampt)
1. Zero
2. Leave Me Alone

Kodiak (One Louder)
1. Tone Arm
2. Sun Goes Down
3. Emotional Rail
4. Here It Comes
5. Lactical
6. Barnyard
7. Flow Down
8. RDA
9. 29
10. Little Star
11. Red Leaf
12. Zero
13. Watch Me

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James Joyce said...

We played the release show for this 7" in Newcastle. They were amazing, and had the same drummer that was in Red Monkey and Milky Wimpshake, so I got my Slampt! fix on that one. I also got the LP from the guitarist's previous band, Crane. It's also pretty good, but not as good as this first single.