Friday, July 29, 2011

Cars Get Crushed

From the liner notes of Drag Explosive:

"To call this a new sound would be telling a half-truth, for while it is new in a certain sense, it most definitely is the Swing and Sway sound brought up-to-date with all the taste and articulateness that can come from the marriage of these talents.

But no amount of descriptive verbiage, no matter how accurately attuned it may be to the subject matter, can clearly define anything as well as simply playing and listening and almost unavoidably dancing to this long-play album yourself."

--Cars Get Crushed

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Cars Get Crushed.

Drag Explosive (Deluxe)
1. The Thunderbolt
2. A Slight Sting
3. Deluxe
4. Weather Conditions
5. 18th Nervous Breakdown
6. Drag Explosive
7. Oranjeboom
8. Fabulous

Blue And West (Goldenrod)
1. The Stranger
2. California
3. Optimator
4. Infra Red
5. The Bends
6. Hero City
7. Modern Apollo
8. Blue And West

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