Thursday, July 21, 2011

Black Sabbath

"Formed in Birmingham, England in 1968, the four man powerhouse known as Black Sabbath pioneered a bone-crunching rock & roll assault that laid the foundations for the heavy metal revolution that swept popular music in the '70s and '80s. While the band's blistering ensemble playing and evocative lyric blend of machismo and mysticism set a standard for countless groups to follow, their 1970 self-titled debut album remains one of the most innovative and influential long players in rock history.

Comprised of Ozzy Osbourne (vocalist), Tony Iommi (guitar), Geezer Butler (bass) and Bill Ward (drums), the quartet was intially known by the name Earth and took their hometown pub-and-club circuit by storm with a high energy blend of blues and rock. Schoolmates from a working class Birmingham neighborhood, the group earned a fervent following throughout the English Midlands and in 1968 changed their name to Black Sabbath. The new moniker reflected the band's penchant for moody, dark-hued music that matched supernatural themes with supercharged ensemble playing. In 1969 they entered the recording studio to cut their first album.

The result is the landmark Black Sabbath. Produced by Rodger Bain, Black Sabbath highlights five original compositions from the band. In addition to such classic cuts as 'The Wizard,' 'Wicked World' and their signature song, 'Black Sabbath,' the album contains two other outstanding tracks, blending road-tested material into eerie, extended song suites. The medley 'A Bit Of Finger,' 'Sleeping Village' and 'Warning' clocks in at over fourteen minutes, while a ten minutes-plus mix of 'Wasp,' 'Behind The Wall Of Sleep,' 'Bassically' and 'N.I.B.' remains one of the most powerful and propulsive cuts in the group's recording history.

Black Sabbath eventually reached the Top Ten on British charts where it remained for three months and earned the band a devoted cult following on both sides of the Atlantic."

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Black Sabbath.

Black Sabbath (Warner Bros.)
1. Black Sabbath
2. The Wizard
3. Wasp/Behind The Wall Of Sleep/Bassically/N.I.B.
4. Wicked World
5. A Bit Of Finger/Sleeping Village/Warning

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