Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Aye Aye Captain

This record was supposed to come out some years ago on Sympathy for the Record Industry, but was shelved initially due to some shenanigans involving The White Stripes (then permanently because the band broke up). I convinced my new friend Tara Tavi to allow me to take it off that shelf and release it now:

"The swirling, switchblade shanties of Aye Aye Captain (2000-2002) feature solo artist Dame Darcy  (Death By Doll, Black Strap Molasses Family) on vocals and banjo, Tara Tavi (Amps For Christ, Soddamn Inssein, Auto Da Fe) on vocals and Chinese hammered dulcimer, Bobby Sell (Caroliner Rainbow, Los Cincos, Syncopation) on drums, keyboard and horn, Anthony Berryman (Megafuckers, Soddamn Inssein, The Jews) on bass, and Jackson Baugh (Silver Daggers, Soddamn Inssein and Herr K) on guitar and keyboard.  Cover art is by Dame Darcy and interior art is by Tara Tavi. Injuries to be compensated. Any man who loses a limb in battle shall receive extra booty. All crew quarrels will be settled on shore. Any man who deserts ship in battle shall be put to death."

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Aye Aye Captain.

Ahoy Mermatey! (Pukekos)
1.  Diamond (voc- DD, backing voc- TT)
2.  John Reilly (low voc- DD, high voc- TT)
3.  Be There Treasure Aboard the Sunken Vessel?
4.  Greenland (voc- DD)
5.  Ocean
6.  Sawney Bean (voc- DD, backing- TT)
7.  Rock That Ship (voc- DD)
8. In the Galley (voc- TT)
9.  Glittering Blood (low voc- DD, high voc- TT)
10.  Fang (voc- DD)
11.  Rain- (voc- DD, backing –TT)
12.  Cruel Sister (voc- TT, backing- DD)
13.  Freak Yo Ship (voc- DD)

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jane.e.holloway said...

deep love for dame darcy. thanks for this.