Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Charles Evans

"The baritone saxophone, the under-utilized and -appreciated anchor of many a big band reed section, has too few true champions in its corner.  To the short, but highly venerated list of virtuoso purveyors of the big horn we can now add the name: Charles Evans.  Between his post-bop quartet recordings featuring Peter Evans, Moppa Elliott, and Jan Roth, and his monumental multi-voiced compositions, Evans has emerged as not just an important baritone saxophonist, but an important composer operating at the nexus of jazz and so-called 'new music'.  His style, while deeply rooted in the jazz tradition has expanded to consume a vast array of additional influences including, but not limited to: dodecaphonic composition, aleatory, indeterminism, extended-technique, and the Dunnaway.  His ever expanding body of work is forcing the music world to reconsider the capabilities of both his instrument and composition itself."

-Leonardo Featherweight

Ladies and gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, Charles Evans.

Ballads (Great Bend)
1. Alas Dances
2. Infant Eyes
3. Chelsea Bridge
4. Like Someone In Love
5. Body And Soul
6. I Remember Clifford
7. For Ta (I Really Wanted It To Work)

No Relation (Great Bend)
1. What
2. Love
3. How
4. High
5. Song
6. You
7. Is
9. Isfatek

The King Of All Instruments (Hot Cup)
1. On Tone Yet? Part I (Mover's Mood For Annie)
2. On Tone Yet? Part II
3. On Tone Yet? Part III
4. Junie Part I: The Father (For Clarence Evans)
5. Junie Part II: The Friend (For Clarence Evans)
6. It's The Right Toe, Bro (For David Liebman)
7. A Deya In The Life Of A Mulligan
8. Mother And Others (For Genevieve Evans, And Jim And Jenifer Besten)
9. What Would Of Ives (For Bill Zaccagni)

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